Day14 : Introduction To Selenium IDE (Murugesh)

Selenium Overview: History of Selenium What is Selenium. Components of Selenium. Selenium IDE Selenium RC Selenium Webdriver Selenium Grid Selenese Testing With Selenium Why the Name Selenium? It came from a joke which Jason cracked one (more…)

Day07: Test Case Design Techniques_Inputs to Write TCs (Murugesh)

Black-box : Equivalence PartitioningBlack-box : Equivalence Partitioning: Equivalence Partitioning also called as equivalence class partitioning. It is abbreviated as ECP. It is a software testing technique that (more…)

Day05: Testing Concepts and Manual Testing – Trainer Rajesh

Overview of Testing Life Cycle An Overview of Software testing Software testing is an investigation conducted to identify defects and provide stakeholders with information about the quality (more…)

Day02: Introduction to Software Testing Part 2 – Trainer Rajesh

Testing Fundamentals: Testing is a process of executing a program with the intent of finding an error. A good test case is one that has a high (more…)

Day01: Introduction to QA and Software Testing Part 1 – Trainer Rajesh

Software Testing Software testing is a planned process that is used to identify the correctness, completeness, security and quality of software. Testing is generally done to demonstrate that (more…)

Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis is a free Web-based bug-tracking system. It is easily deployable to aid online product bug tracking with an extensive database. It is designed as (more…)

QA Training – Agile

Agile methods or Agile processes generally promote a disciplined project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation, a leadership philosophy that encourages (more…)

Rational Unified Process

What is RUP? Process Used for UML Used for designation Assigns responsibility Overview of RUP Two-Dimensional: Dynamic  Cycles Phases Iterations Milestones Static Activities Artifacts Workers Workflows Activity of a worker is a unit of work that an individual will perform (more…)


Overview Basics Record and Playback Object Management Synchronization Parameterization Checkpoint Implementation Test Automation (Frameworks/Approaches) Test Script Modularity Test Library Architecture Keyword Driven Automation Data Driven Automation Hybrid Automation QTP is an advanced Test Automation  Tool. This tool enables you (more…)


Why Performance ? Definitions: Performance Testing Benchmark Design Performance Testing Tools LoadRunner Components What is load testing process? Getting Familiar with Mercury Tours Application Requirements To identify the key areas of the performance (more…)


Agile Manifesto – “We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to (more…)

Automation Test Framework

Automation Test Framework is a structured combination of: Various Assumptions for Testing  Testing Concepts  Testing Practices Aim is to provide support to Automated Software Testing. Introduction to Test Automation Framework What (more…)

Selenium- WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is a tool for automating testing web applications. It is popularly known as Selenium 2.0. WebDriver interacts directly with the browser without any (more…)

Selenium Interview Questions – Part 1

Selenium is an open source technology for automating browser-based applications. Selenium is easy to get started with for simple functional testing (more…)

QTP Interview Questions – Part 1

HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) software, formerly known as HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), provides functional and regression test automation (more…)

Test Case Design and Techniques

Test case is defined as A set of test inputs, execution conditions and expected results, developed for a particular objective. Test Case Design Technique Black-box testing (or functional (more…)