Selenium Interview Questions – Part 1

Selenium is an open source technology for automating browser-based applications. Selenium is easy to get started with for simple functional testing of a Web application.
This document is going to help you to test your Selenium Skills .We put together a list of 75 most typical interview questions for Selenium. You can prepare for interview well in advance and feel more confident for interview.

Selenium Interview Questions

1. What is Selenium?

2. Describe technical problems that you had with Selenium tool?

3. What test can Selenium do?

4. What is the price of Selenium license per server?

5. How much does Selenium license cost per client machine?

6. Where to download Selenium?

7. What is the latest version of Selenium?

8. What is Selenium IDE?

9. What are the limitations of Selenium IDE?

10. What does SIDE stand for?

11. What is Selenium Remote Control (RC) tool?

12. What are the advantages using Selenium as testing tool?

13. What is Selenium Grid?

14. What is Selenium WebDriver?

15. How many browsers are supported by Selenium IDE?

16. Can Selenium test an application on iPhone’s Mobile Safari browser?.

17. Can Selenium test an application on Android browser?

18. What are the disadvantages of using Selenium as testing tool?

19. How many browsers are supported by Selenium Remote Control?

20. How many programming languages can you use in Selenium RC?

21. How many testing framework can QA Tester use in Selenium RC?.

22. How to developed Selenium Test Cases?

23. What programming language is best for writing Selenium tests?

24. Have you read any good books on Selenium?

25. Do you know any alternative test automation tools for Selenium?

26. Compare HP QTP vs Selenium?

27. Compare Borland Silktest vs Selenium?

28. How to test Ajax application with Selenium

29. What are the main components of Selenium testing tools?

30. What is the use of context menu in Selenium IDE?

31. Can tests recorded using Selenium IDE be run in other browsers?

32. What are the advantage and features of Selenium IDE?

33. What are the disadvantage of Selenium IDE tool?

34. How Selenium Grid works?

35. What you say about the flexibility of Selenium test suite?

36. What is the difference between an assert and a verify with Selenium


37. If a Selenium function requires a script argument, what would that argument

look like in general terms?

38. If a Selenium function requires a pattern argument, what five prefixes might that

argument have? What is the regular expression sequence that loosely translates

to “anything or nothing?”

39. What is the globbing sequence that loosely translates to “anything or nothing?.

40. What does a character class for all alphabetic characters and digits look like in

regular expressions?

41. What must one set within SIDE in order to run a test from the beginning to a

certain point within the test?

42. What does a right-pointing green triangle at the beginning of a command in SIDE


43. Which wildcards does SIDE support?

44. What are the four types of regular expression quantifiers which we’ve studied?

45. What regular expression special character(s) means “any character?”

46. What distinguishes between an absolute and relative URL in SIDE?

47. How would one access a Selenium variable named “count” from within a

JavaScript snippet?

48. What Selenese command can be used to display the value of a variable in the log

file, which can be very valuable for debugging?

49. If one wanted to display the value of a variable named answer in the log file, what would the first argument to the previous command look like?

50. Which Selenium command(s) simulates selecting a link?

51. Which two commands can be used to check that an alert with a particular message popped up?

52. What are the Selenese Commands in Selenium ?

53. What is Test Runner ?

54. What are the Running Options in Selenium ?

55. What are the Assertion Statements in Selenium ?

56. Which is the command used for displaying the values of a variable into the output ?

57. What are the capabilities of Selenium WebDriver or Google WebDriver or Selenium 2.0?

58. What are the Operating Systems supported by Selenium?

59. What is the difference between an assert and a verify with Selenium commands?

60. What is the architecture of Selenium RC?

61. Does Selenium support mobile internet testing?

62. What are the basic annotations used to run TestNG tests in Selenium?

63. What is the difference between Thread.Sleep() and Selenium.setSpeed()?


64. How to configure Selenium RC with eclipse to run Junit Tests?

65. Actual end user simulation, Is the test conducted using this tool equivalent to an end user action?

66. Is it possible to use Selenium for multi-user Load Testing?

67. What are the requirements needed to run simple script in RC ?

68. In Selenium what are the four parameters you have to pass?

69. Can we handle pop-ups in RC ?

70. Which method will you use for mouse left click and right click ?

71. What is the use of ‘chooseOkOnNextConfirmation()’ ?

72. How do you handle secured connection error in HTTPS ?

73. If the default port of selenium is busy then which port you will use ?

74. How do you select second value from a drop down menu ?

75. What is the difference between sleep() and setSpeed() methods ?

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