Software Testing Interview Questions Set II

Software Testing Interview Questions Set II

1) What is usability testing?

2) Explain the test case life cycle?

3) What is the difference between volume testing and load testing?

4) Explain the bug life cycle in detail?

5) What is exact difference between debugging & testing?

6) Explain in short, sanity testing, ad-hoc testing and smoke testing?

7) Explain Monkey testing?

8) What is Endurance Testing?

9) What is End-to-End testing?

10) What is Gorilla Testing?

11) Why we need Localization Testing?

12) What is Traceability Matrix?

13) Explain Monkey testing?

14) What is Negative Testing?

15) What is Path Testing?

16) What is Performance Testing?

17) What is the difference between baseline and benchmark testing?

18) What is test driver and test stub?

19) What you will do during the first day of job?

20) What would you like to do five years from now?

21) What is Beta Testing?

22) What is Black Box Testing?

23) What is Bottom Up Testing?

24) What is Dynamic Testing?

25) What is GUI Testing?

26) What is Formal Testing?

27) What is Risk Based Testing?

28) What is importance of Early Testing?

29) What is Exhaustive Testing?

30) What is Static Testing?

31) What is Positive Testing?

32) What is Negative Testing?

33) What is End-to-End Testing?

34) What is Exploratory Testing?

35) What is Non-functionality Testing?

36) What is Usability Testing?

37) What is Process

38) What is difference between bug, error and defect?

39) Tell me about V model in manual testing

40) What are stubs and drivers in manual testing?

41) What are the check lists, which a software tester should follow?

42) What is meant by functional defects and usability defects in general?

43) Which are the different methodologies used in software testing

44) What is Application Programming Interface (API)?

45) What is Release Candidate?

46) What is Storage Testing?

47) What is Test Environment?

48) What is Test Procedure?

49) What is Test Harness?

50) What is Top Down Testing?

51) What’s the role of documentation in QA?

52) What if the software is so buggy it can’t really be tested at all?

53) How can World Wide Web sites be tested?

54) Why does software have bugs?

55) How do we test for severe memory leakages?

56) What is memory leaks and buffer overflows?

57) What is difference between Master Test Plan and Test Plan?

58) How to deal with not reproducible bug?

59) What is difference between Front End Testing and Back End testing?

60) What are the categories of defects?


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